Anti-Reflux Pillows For Your Baby

Anti-Reflux Pillows For Your Baby

The structure of the baby’s stomach is more horizontal than adults, that is the reason why children usually get gastroesophageal reflux when they are full. To limit reflux and help children eat and sleep well, many health care experts have advised parents to give children anti-reflux pillows. The pillows are designed to lift the baby’s head up while they are sleeping  so that it is difficult for what they have consumed to be pushed upwards. 

Let’s find out should we use anti-reflux pillows for children.

1. Consequences of frequent vomiting

Before learning about anti-reflux pillows for the babies, You should know about the consequences of frequent vomiting in babies .

The stomach contains  acid and in the esophagus, there is alkaline, so when food from the stomach reflux, it will affect the baby’s esophagus. If this  occurs many times, it will make the baby uncomfortable, scared, fussy. They might even develop a fear of feeding time..

If the condition get worse , the baby may have difficulty breathing, which can lead to pneumonia.

2. The effect of the anti-reflux pillow

These pillows comes with special design, and when the babies use them, their head position will be higher than their stomach. In other words,  these pillows can help the babies to have the right posture after full breastfeeding and limit the food refluxing from the stomach to the mouth.

You may see some effects of the anti-reflux pillows as following: 

  • Support anti-reflux for babies when eating milk effectively.
  • Help your baby not to vomit after eating.
  • Support children who have diseases related to gastroesophageal reflux.
  • Support for mothers to reduce fatigue when breastfeeding.
  • Support baby during the sitting practice period.

3. How to use anti-reflux pillows for babies

The use of anti-reflux pillows seems to be very simple. However, it will not do your baby any good  if you use it in the wrong way. Here are the steps that you should follow when using anti-reflux pillows for your baby. 

  • Adjust their back so your baby will sleep well 
  • Buckle up the pillow in order for your baby not to  roll away. If there is no strap, you should put pillows on the baby’s sides.

4. Some notes when using anti-reflux pillows for babies

Not everyone knows about how to choose and use anti-reflux pillows because this product is quite new and strange to many people. So some of the following tips will help you when using anti-reflux pillows for your baby.

  • Choose products of good quality so that your baby is comfortable when lying.
  • Do not wash the pillow in a washing machine and do not use detergents to clean it. This  can adversely affect the baby’s delicate skin.
  • Breastfeed your baby  the correct posture to avoid choking them .
  • Divide the main meal into smaller ones  so that your children can digest the food with ease .
  • Put the baby’s head higher than their stomach or let them lie on their side when they  sleep.
  • Do not let the baby sleep on their back because it may cause airway obstruction.

5. Notes on buying anti-reflux pillows for your baby

Babies’ skeleton is still young, so parents should not let the baby lie  on soft pillows with the high settlement that will affect the spine of the baby.

Moreover, you  should use pillowcases made of cotton and are removable so that you can wash it on a regular basis .

Currently, there are many types of anti-reflux pillows in the market. Therefore, some  pillows may not be designed carefully in terms of size and certain inclination. So you should choose a pillow from reputable brands to get the best effect while still keep your kids safe and healthy 

In conclusion

With the above  information, you can see that the anti-reflux pillow has many good effects on the health of your baby. Nevertheless, this is a specialized product and has its own design depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, you should research into the product carefully  to know how to use and get the best out of it before buying.